“Holiday” Specials: A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlrie Brown Christmas

You remember this show, don't you?

4.5/5 Stars

4.5/5 Stars

So, it’s the Christmas Season. Or  just the “Holiday Season” if you want to be politically correct. I understand there are many Holidays in celebration this time of year, but gosh darn it, no matter how often the commercials say “Holiday Season”, the TV specials always center around the concept of Christmas; even if that concept barely has anything to do with the man CHRISTmas was named after.

So up until December 25th, I’ll be reviewing Christmas Specials. I’ll start calling them “Holiday Specials” once the climax of these specials don’t revolve around Santa Clause, Christmas Trees, or December 25th.

I though I’d kick off the season with one of my absolute favorite Christmas Specials of all time: A Charlie Brown Christmas.

This particular seasonal short film has always been non-sequitur with the rest of the batch of Christmas films. The main character’s always depressed during December, the kids are seen as the greedy little snobs that they really are, and most of the what the kids believe about the happiness about the holiday is torn down within the first 5 minutes of the movie.
Merry Christmas, people!

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