Cashback began life as a 15 min. short film that struck a chord with audiences enough that it won an Oscar nomination. The writer/director/producer Sean Ellis decided it would be worth it to expand it into a feature that incorporated the short, saving time and money. It reportedly only took him a few weeks to write the script and get the entire cast onboard, including the lead, Sean Biggerstaff who plays Ben Willis, a young art student suffering from insomnia (two weeks worth, at least) after a traumatizing breakup with his girlfriend, Suzy (Michelle Ryan). To pass the extra 8-hours of day, Ben takes a job at a local supermarket where he meets his egomaniacal boss named Jenkins (Stuart Goodwin), two loafers named Barry (Michael Dixon) and Matt (Michael Lambourne), and a pretty checkout girl named Sharon (Emilia Fox). Because of his insomnia, Ben finds himself able to manipulate time, eventually being able to pause the present whenever he wants. Read more of this post

The Guilty Pleasure Pile: My Wife is 18

Ekin Cheng in a rare non-preening face deals with the multi-faceted energy of Charlene Choi

Generally Speaking, we at Forced Perspective love great films and detest bad films. But what happens when one of us grows fond of a film that we know in our hearts is total crap? This is where we stash such films: The Guilty Pleasure Pile.

Several months ago in the inaugural post from The Guilty Pleasure Pile, I confessed my love for the masterpiece of marketing, Dante Lam’s The Twins Effect. Now, I turn my attention to another silly, fluffy film, the romantic comedy My Wife is 18, which actually just so happens to star both Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi (the taller Twin) from my previous guilty pleasure. In fact, many of my guilty pleasures star either Ekin Cheng and/or one or both of the Twins, but I promise in the future I’ll try and cover something that people who don’t know every last detail about the Hong Kong film industry will actually care about.

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