Beyond Our Ken

"We have more in common than red streaks in our hair..."

Gillian Chung and Tao Hong share a moment in the bathroom.

Directed by Pang Ho-Cheung

Hong Kong SAR; 2004

Starring Gillian Chung, Tao Hong, and Daniel Wu

97 Min.

Highly Recommended (No Star Rating Provided)

In Short: Wong Kar-Wai’s influence looms large over this unorthodox revenge film, courtesy of talented young director Pang Ho-Cheung. By no means is Beyond Our Ken a masterpiece, and some might find the end disappointing, but it’s an entertaining ride that mixes arthouse and commercial sensibilities. The verisimilitude to actress Gillian Chung’s unfortunate involvement in the Edison Chen Photo Scandal four years later is remarkable.

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