RS Indie Awards: Richard “Rex” Thomas’s 2nd Line, Rebirth

Part 2 of a multipart series on my favorite independent films I’ve seen in 2010.

Take it or leave it. My reviews, I mean. Watch the films. And buy them, of course.

5 out of 5

Perhaps I don’t review documentaries as well as I do narrative features. I acknowledge this, but to be fair, I felt it necessary to review at least one of the numerous documentaries that I’ve watched in my travels throughout the East Coast and the internet this year. In retrospect, I could have watched more. A significant number more, in fact – there were opportunities that I more or less avoided simply because I found the subject matter uninteresting. The documentary that I probably enjoyed watching the most this year was a film actually directed by a professor of mine, a one on a topic really close to my heart – the life, death, and most recently, rebirth of Jazz radio in New York and Los Angeles. Perhaps it seems like I’m showing an unfair amount of favoritism here – but I’m not, heck, I’m not even taking any of his classes yet. He’s a moderator of my school’s film club for Pete’s sake – and yeah – I’m getting ahead of myself to show very clearly, once again, that me awarding anything to a documentary is going to be a process loaded with bias.

 I suppose this review will have to not only convince you that the film is good, but my bias is better than yours. Pretentiousness, Ahoy! Read more of this post