The Tree of Life

If I were to describe this film in one word, that word would be “overrated.”  On further reflection, however, words such as “disjoint,” “muddled,” “confused,” and “pretentious” would suffice as well.  The only problem is that none of those words carry the same weight of disappointment that came upon me after the final twenty-some minute long climax and dénouement had finally croaked its weariness into the comforting blackness of the closing credits.  Then again, perhaps that simply describes Terence Malick’s game face in general. Read more of this post

The Steamroller and the Violin

What makes a children’s film?  It’s quite easy to distinguish what does not make a children’s film, and even easier to fall back upon cliché definitions revolving around the maturity of themes present in so-called children’s entertainment.  But neither of these really brings into focus what it is that makes a good children’s film good.  They simply explain what makes boring cinema.  The questions then arise: should a children’s film also aim to please adults?  Should it be held to any standards other than those we hold more seemingly mature films of ‘merit’ to?  Are children’s films inherently inferior to serious works of artistic pomp and circumstance because they are at least superficially targeted to an audience unconcerned with supposed artistic depth and complexity? Read more of this post