The Guilty Pleasure Pile: Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In Theater

Wolfman Mac's

You know you respect the Drive-In.

I don’t know if I could call myself a “freaky film fan” if it weren’t for cult films. The campy, terrific fun of those movies are a great source of film in-jokes, good ideas gone bad, and some insight into the young culture starving for their style of entertainment before the reform of Hollywood in the 1960’s.

What’s even better is when these cult classics are being showed by loving fans of these movies in a way that celebrates in the campiness of these movies. And generally, the more obscure the group of fans, the better.

We all should know by now Rifftrax and the late Science Mystery Theater 3000, which provide very comedic commentaries of old and forgotten movies. So there’s no point in me writing up something about them. If you don’t know who they are, stop reading now and watch some more Hulu.

But there are some slightly more obscure guys out there that even air on television in a few places that I think are loads of fun to watch. One show in particular is Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Dive-In Theater. This is a very interesting television show for those who can get it. it’s like walking into a Halloween store for old movies. It marries the cult movies with out-of-place butchering and comedic sketches between commercial breaks.

The show is hosted by a wolfman character “Wolfman Mac” and his skeletal-sleazy-car-salesman co-host “Boney Bob”. (Insert phallic joke here.) As they introduce the night’s movie for the viewer, the plot for whatever sketch pokes it’s head in, generally having something similar to do with the plot of the featured movie. (Boney Bob unwittingly renting out rooms in a haunted house during the screening of House on Haunted Hill.)

Despite having sketches that obviously don’t take place in a dive-in theater atmosphere, the show has several fun TV bumps made up of various old beat-up  film used in drive-in theaters to alert viewers as to what to do if they accidentally break the speakers placed on either side of their car.

The show tries too hard at times at mockery during the featured film by placing sound effects or photoshopped images within the featured film itself. The tired burping or farting  sound effect  makes one too many appearances throughout the series, and there’s only so many times they can milk that Flash animated dinosaur robot walking across the screen. At times, it becomes very distracting without inspiring much laughter.

Though, when used wisely, their visual cues can be fun and entertaining. Sometimes they’ll even place Flash animation to suggest how a cheap special effect in the featured film was accomplished, or even place entire video clips in the movie itself to give Boney Bob or Wolfman Mac a cameo.

The show’s real bread-and-butter comes from the sketches. Full of of-beat humor and costumes or sets equally as cheap as the featured film, these cast of character set out on some adventure parallel to the movie. Guest performers, which can only be described as friends of the producers of the show, make several appearances throughout. And Wolfman Mac isn’t afraid to poke fun at his own sketches, commenting often about the poor audio quality of the show almost as if it were effecting how well he can hear inside the world of the sketches themselves.

In short, Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In Theater is very aware of how bad it is, and can be every bit as fun to watch how bad they realize they are. Maybe it comes from the movies they like to watch. They especially hit their stride when the fall season rolls around and they host haunted houses throughout their local area. For more information, check out


About Stefan D. Byerley
Stefan D. Byerley is an independent filmmaker and freelance visual artist currently residing in North Carolina. He likes detailed storytelling, intriguing imagery, massive bloody violence, crying at the movies, and long walks in the park during the Autumn season.

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