Best of the Festival Circuit 2010

Best of the Festival Circuit 2010

 Chronicling the Independent Film Scene on the US East Coast

 This August I had the honor of being a jurist at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. It exposed me to a great deal of excellent films and their articulate, brilliant directors. Two months prior, I had the pleasure of attending The Newport International Film Festival, and will be at the New York International Film Festival very soon. As such, I’ll be getting a good grasp on the best in Independent film screened here in the East but produced worldwide.

 I’ll be using this series of Essays to critique these films and support the ones that truly deserve a wider audience. I’ll be reviewing the most standout films of the festivals, films that won’t be showing in a cinema near you but still might see the light of a continued have any to suggest (trust me, I’ve seen or will be seeing most of what the New England and New York Festivals have to offer, and I’d be glad to take requests. I sincerely hope you enjoy the reviews.


About Ryan Silva
An American born cinephile writing, making films, and studying in New York City. Festival addict and student Jurist at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival. Hits: moe anime and space operas. Misses: Smelly roommates and Jersey Shore

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